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  • The Basics

    Why Narcissips?

    Narcissips offer an affordable, stylish, and sustainable solution to all the environmental, health and financial issues related to single-use plastics.

    We are a small, Irish based business whose ethos is built on a foundation of doing the right thing, giving back and providing long term, affordable solutions to one small part of the plastic problem.

    Since our inception, we have helped several thousand people choose reusables across Ireland whilst also donating vital funds to provide access to education in the form of tuition fees for young children whilst also providing access to clean water to families in poverty stricken areas.

    Thus far, we have helped several dozen boys and girls gain access to school whilst also providing the funding to provide clean water for various families and construct wells in African villages to benefit various families, farmers and businesses.

    Our mission is to educate and raise awareness regarding the benefits of choosing reusables for your health, pocket and the environment. Ultimately, we want to motivate and enable people to choose reusables by ensuring an affordable, yet durable solution to help them take their first steps on their sustainable journey.

    We feel strongly about motivating change through highlighting the cost, health & environmental benefits, but we would also think it’s important to realise how lucky we are in Ireland. For example, a lot of us could easily spend €25 a month on coffee whereas the same €25, which can be saved easily through various discounts from using our reusables over time can help fund the tuition fees for several children for a year, or provide clean water for two families for two months.

  • Products

    How big are the bottles?

    The bottles range in sizes from 500ml to 1000ml.

    The bottles range from 26cm - 30cm in height and width 6-9cm in diameter.

    The bottles weight ranges from 0.33 kg to 0.38kg.

    What materials are Narcissips made of?

    Narcissips bottles are made of high-quality, 18/8 grade, stainless steel with vacuum sealed & insulated walls to keep your drinks cooler, or warmer for longer.

    ​​Are the Narcissips leak-proof?

    Yes they are, but remember to put the lid on tightly.

    ​​How long does my Narcissips keep liquids warm and cold?

    Up to 24 hours cold

    Up to 12 hours warm.

    Tip: if you require your drinks kept colder for longer you can also fit ice cubes into the bottle with your water :)​

    Do Narcissips rust and are they durable?

    Narcissips don't rust as they are built from durable stainless steel.

    Can I heat up my Narcis'sips bottle?

    No, you must not heat the actual bottle itself as this can lead to the bottle becoming heated and too hot to hold.

    Our bottles are insulated on the inside of the bottle with dual wall technology to ensure your hot drinks stay hot for hours but you must only pour hot drinks into the bottle should you require your drinks kept heated whilst on the go.

    Can I get through airport security with my Narcis'sips bottle?

    You absolutely can, we have travelled across the globe with our bottles and have loved having access to freezing cool water mid-flight!

    Can I put alcoholic beverages in my Narcis'sips bottles?

    Happy news for many, because you absolutely can! Just remember to wash your Narcis'sips bottle afterwards.

  • Product Care

    How do I clean my bottle?

    Your Narcis'sips bottle will take care of you for a long time, if you take care of it.

    Narcis'sips bottles should be hand-washed - prior to first use, thoroughly wash your bottle and it’s the cap. Regularly rinse and wash your bottle and cap, we recommend hand washing every 2 to 3 days using soap and or bicarbonate soda.

  • Shipping

    Where do we ship?

    We ship worldwide, with an excellent track record of deliveries to Australia, United States and the United Kingdom.

    What postal service provider do you use?

    We use standard postal services in Ireland with An Post, Ireland’s national postal service provider.

    How much does shipping cost?

    Shipping ranges from €6.20 for Ireland using Standard Rates via Án Post

    We also provide post worldwide via Án Post with standard pricing and have an excellent track record in shipping to the United States & Australia

    How long do I have to wait to receive my bottle after purchase?

    We guarantee your order will be processed within one day and delivered within three days depending on Án Post.

    Are tracking services available?

    For individual orders, we don't offer tracking as you can expect your bottle to be delivered within 3 days in Ireland. However, for all larger and personalised orders, tracking facilities and weekly updates will be provided free of charge.

    How long do deliveries take?

    For in-stock products, the expected delivery time is about 3-5 working days maximum. We try to ship ordered products within one day. Narcissips is not responsible for delay of delivery caused by a reasons outside of our own influence due to pandemics or postal service provider issues however we will be in constant communication with our customers to ensure successful delivery or replacement.

  • Returns

    I received my product, but it wasn't quite what I expected. Am I allowed to return it?

    We are extremely confident in our products & believe you will be thrilled with your purchase. However, if our Narcis’sips bottle does not live up to your expectations, we have a 100% Happiness Guarantee, which gives you a right to return the product within 30 days after you received it or request a replacement free of charge.

    How do I return my product?

    Please contact our customer service at and tell us why you want to return your product. After this, we will provide you with extra information as soon as possible and even pay for the return if you would like to do so.

    When will I get my hard-earned money back?

    We know everyone works hard for their cents these days and will issue repayment once the request is received.

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