Our mission is simple;

To motivate & enable people to understand the benefits of choosing reusables for your pocket, your health and ultimately, the environment to work toward a greener Ireland.

Narcissist adjective: nar·cis·sist  \ ˈnär-sə-sist \

A person who has an excessive interest or admiration of themselves.


Narcissips verb: nar·cis·sips  \ ˈnär-sə-sips \

A Company with an excessive interest and admiration for the natural beauty of the environment bestowed upon us.

At Narcissips, we cater for individuals whilst also providing a bespoke experience for businesses, societies and clubs who require personalised options.

Viva la revolución!

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Do it for the Gram

Narcissips is aimed to meet all your hydration, style & sustainable needs!

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About Narcis'sips

Making Reusables Affordable in Ireland since 2018

Why we started!

Narcissips started to help solve one small part of the plastic problem and to change consumption patterns regarding Single Use Plastics in Ireland. Our main goal is to make reusables affordable and to highlight the various benefits that reusables has not only on the environment, but to our own health & our pockets.

Our journey began in 2018 when we realised the negative impacts that single use plastics were having on society. Along with this, we felt that current brands were overpriced which we felt, acted as a deterrent to change. That led to one of our core guiding principles. 

"People should be able to afford to make the healthy and sustainable choice".

In Ireland we have been blessed with such a vast range of natural landscapes and alluring countryside views. This has made the outdoors a huge part of growing up in Ireland. In recent years we have become increasingly aware of how our natural landscapes have been negatively impacted by single use plastics on our hikes, walks along our beaches and swims in our seas. Plastic debris can be found everywhere impeding the natural beauty of our landscapes causing havoc in our oceans regarding global warming and severely harming marine life.


As well as the environmental impact of plastic, there is also the health and economical factors that single use plastics causes on society. Plastic has several negative health implications associated with it due to the toxic nature of BPA and PET particles found within which act as endocrine disputers.


Lastly, As a Chartered Accountant, I also feel it's worth noting the negative impact that plastic has on our pockets to which I discuss the "Return on Investment" from choosing reusables. By choosing our Narcissips reusables, we can help you save over €500 per annum by avoiding the daily purchase of a single use water bottles. This small act also has a knock on effect in helping you reduce the weight and cost of your bins at home with recent studies showing our waste bins are composed of up to 19% single use objects.

Play our part!

At Narcissips, we want to play our part in practicing what we preach! One thing we talk about a lot at Narcissips is "the ripple effect".


They say a butterfly can flap its wings in New York and can cause a hurricane in China.


To us, this means that we never know the impact that one small change can actually lead to or have on someones day. The small things matter.


In the age of "influencers"  that we find ourselves in, it's important that we all realise we are all in fact, influencers. We can all make change and we all have the ability to impact others, be it our friends, our families or our work colleagues to make change. 


To play our part, we are also donating €1 from every bottle to several charities throughout the year to help and inspire others less fortunate and to solve one small part of the plastic problem. 


So far we have donated to Clean Water and educational charities in Africa helping dozens of families get access to clean water whilst paying the school fees for several dozen kids who wouldn't of had the access to education otherwise!

Whether you are the Fitness fanatic or working Professional, we have several designs and styles to suit your needs!


Let's make change happen one step and one bottle at a time!


Our Carbon Footprint & Customer Pledge

To continue to practice what we preach, we felt it was important to not only ensure we provide an economically viable solution to enable & motivate people to choose reusables, but to also minimise our own impact on the environment and ensure customer satisfaction.

To ensure a low cost base for our customers and a minimalist carbon footprint, we chose to take motivation from the Japanese principles of "Muda" lean manufacturing which discuss removing all wasteful & non-value add elements in your processes.

This helped us realise that our goals were intertwined and we proposed two simple solutions revolving around Packaging & delivery Methods.


Packaging; By reducing our waste as a company, choosing to only provide basic, recyclable packaging and to cut back on the usual "chic" packaging used to "woo" customers, which is inevitably discarded upon purchase, we were able to cut our costs dramatically providing better prices for our customers.

Delivery Methods; we also chose to provide free & personalised delivery methods via cycling and public transport in Dublin City, where most of our customer base has been. This helped us not only meet and develop relationships with customers, but ensure they had a strong first impression from the heart of Narcis'sips. 

Yours Sustainably,


Do Chára,

Cathal O'Reilly



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