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Plastics, an Introduction & why Irish brand Narcissips are here to help!

Narcissips Irish Reusables provides an Intro to plastics over the years from its initial conception, many uses in today's modern world that we can't live without, to it's demonisation and how ultimately, the people are the problem with our poor choices and habits!

By writing this piece, I hope to highlight that plastic isn't always the problem in an attempt to raise awareness of how we, the people, need to choose reusable bottles and live more consciously to improve the plastic problem in Ireland and across the world.

Many thanks, Cathal O'Reilly

Narcissips made it to TV! Thank you Ireland AM

Many moons ago, my Granny aka "The Granny" was always telling me to slow down as I fought time each day trying to balance building Narcissips each evening after the normal 9-5 as a "Dodgy" bored Accountant.

I use to joke back saying "it'll be all worth it when I get Narcissips on TV to help Ireland realise the benefits of reusables". Little did I know it would actually happen and at the perfect time being the best Christmas present a little boy could ask for making all the hours worthwhile :)