Written by Cathal O Reilly

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The Real Issue regarding the Plastic Problem in Ireland!

A question I am often posed is, Reilly, "Sure aren't plastic bottles recyclable so what is the deal"?
The simple answer in my mind is yes, you're correct.
Plastic or even the new cardboard water bottles / containers are recyclable. But the issue is for the most part, they aren't getting recycled properly.
While plastic has been demonised lately, I believe human behaviour deserves a lot of the blame.
We are the ones that unfortunately aren't recycling properly, or discard our waste incorrectly that leads to plastic plaguing our environment.
The quick and easy solution, avoid where possible or maybe even join Team Narcissips with our reusables that benefit our pockets, health and the environment.
For more insights, please watch and let me know what you think.

Integrity & World War III... Narcissips New Year Revolutions, not Resolutions.

As alway, I feel its our behaviours and habits that play a massive part in the climate crisis. We also can only control what we do. Unfortunately, we can't change the petrochemical or fossil fuel industry overnight but we can each change our behaviours.

This is our World War III and you know what I feel can help turn the tide, Integrity.

Behaviours, habits. Simple. www.Narcissips.com