Hello everyone,
I hope you’re all fantastic and enjoying the summer so far!
This past few months & years have been absolutely crazy - for myself and everyone - but hopefully we have all took the best from it (perspective being one of my favourite words). 
It’s been several months since I’ve last sent out a thank you, and I thought it was long over due. 
Since the beginning of last Summer, we have had a couple of small wins at Narcissips that I haven't really talked about or celebrated - after all - small wins are all we can wish for :)
Last summer, we finally built relationships with a warehouse and fulfilment facility that has made a dramatic improvement not only on our day to day operations, but also on my own life in general.
It's very easy for a small business to become all consuming, which is what happened to me and looking back - it was quite tough, especially balancing my Consulting Role within PwC but I am glad I took the route I did which while slower, definitely gave me utter confidence in our products.
Before linking in with the fulfilment centres, I was spending my evenings and weekends after work and lectures with Chartered Accountants Ireland - checking orders, and reviewing all bottles before delivering to the clients personally or via An Post. The hours and late nights that were clocked up were crazy looking back but I wouldn't change a thing.
One positive I have took from the last year was all the kind words, shares and comments from YOU.
I would hope and like to think I have been brutally honest since starting Narcissips and I really didn't see it lasting more than 3-6 months in 2018. So Thank you - and thank yourself for contributing to one small change in Ireland that has contributed to approx 6,000,000 single use plastic items avoided if you all have reused daily with our products.
Lastly & most importantly to me, we have contributed to the annual tuition fees for over 112 children in poorer nations and funded the building of three fresh water wells helping over 2,000 access clean water in Malawi.
Education and water are the two things I feel we take for granted in Ireland and two things I feel blessed to have due to grants and scholarships to get my own education (which otherwise I would not have gotten & god knows where I would be otherwise) and water because, having tasted a hangover in this heat last weekend, it’s easy to forget how much we rely on it - especially when we are blessed to walk 6 feet into out kitchens for clan water from the tap whenever required. 😊
None the less, I want to thank every one of you for supporting Narcissips the last year - it’s been a tremendous experience and I’m very lucky to have gotten to know a lot of you virtually & in person the last while. 
While it’s just a hobby, I think it’s time well spent learning and trying to encourage change and I hope you’re all thrilled to have taken your first steps or millionth on your sustainable journey with Narcissips. 
Every like, share, comment, word of encouragement is so appreciated. 
Over the next few weeks, we will be building out our online platforms across Instagram and Linkedin, updating out website and building out new packaging aimed at building retail relationships so please join in on the journey where I will be discussing the last years highs and lows and answering any questions you would like to know the answer to.
(and if I don't know, I will sure as hell try my best to find out for you).
Stay well,
Cathal O’Reilly
Written by Cathal O Reilly

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