Olympus Blue Kinto Travel Tumbler - 354ml / 12oz

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 The Olympus Blue Travel Tumbler is perfect for your daily needs - it keeps drinks hot for up to 12 hours and features a secure dual-screw top lid that is leak proof (Mine goes into my bag daily rushing to the office with my laptop, so if that is not trust...)

Made from stainless steel, this tumbler is dual-wall insulated & branded by Narcissips Ireland aimed to perfectly suit your day - wether that be driving to work, keeping your coffee warm on the beach or whilst hiking, or by just making sure your coffee stays hot while you're kept busy looking after the kids :)


- 12oz / 354ml for barista usage

- Insulated stainless steel

- Dual screw top lid structure to ensure safety & security

- Leak proof

- 360 degree lid for the easiest drinking experience

- Lid structured internally with filter to prevent ice splashes on those warm days

- Fits in car coffee cup holder

- Best to hand-wash only to maintain powder-coated finish

Dimensions & other details

- 352ml - 16cm x 8cm

- Material: Dual wall Insulated stainless steel

- Weight: 300g 


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