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Another month, another Blog Post!

I would like to introduce you to our Narcissips "Water" initiative after three years!

This is something I am both really happy about, but yet also in utter disbelief at what something so small, has ultimately started to do!

Same with our education initiative, I never really discussed this one too much as again, not all good deeds need to be done for the public domain and often those that are done behind closed doors, truly show integrity, honesty and authenticity - all traits which I wanted at the heart of both Narcissips and myself.

After 3 years, with two charities, we have been working on initially providing the funding for individual Families to access clean water as we were only a small hobby/business.

However, the response we have received the last year has been amazing and with that, we were able to extend our "Water initiative" to bigger and better platforms to help even more people access something which is both a basic right, and an unfortunate commodity in this day and age! 

I never wanted this to be a selling point of Narcissips, and something which just happened in the background but again, as mentioned in our prior emails - we need accountability, transparency and also gratefulness as without you, this wouldn't be possible as your orders have directly contributed to this!

The Water Initiative;

 As of the 18th of November, 2022 - we have provided the funding for the construction and installation of 5 Fresh Water Wells which help over 2,000 individuals across Malawi access clean, reliable and proximate Water!

Our Water initiative directly aligns with the UN's Sustainable Development Goal 6 – “Access to Water”.

 So thank you - access to the basics like Education & Water is something I feel quite stronlgy about and something which I hope we can only continue to assist with, thanks to you!

 Anyway, I will keep you all informed over the coming year with any other updates with our Water Initiative but for now...

 Thank you and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

If I don't know, I will sure as hell try my best to find out for you.


]Yours Sincerely,

Cathal O’Reilly


P.s. If you or a friend needs a Reusable, make sure to send them my way :)

Written by Cathal O Reilly

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