For us, it was very important to have a sophisticated, yet simply, minimalist website that not only provides a seamless experience to help people across Ireland choose the perfect reusable but to highlight our values and to encompass features like our Custom Plastic Impact Calculator to ensure we can raise as much awareness as possible over the coming years.

After all, one of the few things we can ever lose is our education and awareness which are vital in building new habits into our lives to combat the plastic problem.

From the onset, it was brilliant to work with Emma from Blank Slate who not only takes fantastic pride in her work but also provides a timely, relationship focused experience which made our website development such an exciting experience. 

Over the few months of development, there was many of late nights devising on what Narcissips meant and stood for but in the end, we were thrilled with the outcome and we hope it can only lead to positive action!

A journey through our Branding

The journey begins with our roots in slowing down and living with less which is denoted by the inner sapling which indicates growth, change and renewal. This is also related to our view on Business where we hope to constantly evolve through the seasons, working towards greener practices at all times to reduce our carbon footprint, save the customer money to motivate change and work toward a greener Ireland.

The Logo: Our logo encompasses hints of all things metaphorically Narcissips. Keeping close to our roots, yet moving ever forward towards a new era defined by action, consciousness and sustainability. This is why we chose the water droplet which symbolises the importance of hydration in our busy hectic lives and how our insulated bottles ensure your water stays crispy cool for hours on end.

The water dropment also works in tandem with our approach to Sustainable Development Goal 6 and how sometimes, we just need to slow down and realise how lucky we are in Ireland to access clean water instantly whereas there are still millions struggling with disease and illness due to lack of clean water access. To date, we have helped over 1,000 people in several villages across Malawi access clean water through our donations.

Moving inwards in our logo, we see our "ode" to the Mobius loop which indicates our brands focus on reducing, reusing and recycling with an alternative, stylish, minimalist twist to the original design. We hope this can act as a constant reminder to do our best on a daily basis.

The Colour: The Forest Green Pantone colour was chosen to invoke feelings of freshness and rejuvenation. To symbolise a calm, composed, earthy lifestyle that we hope is synonymous with our brand ethos and values at Narcissips.

The Font: and finally, what is our words without our style and personality embedded into them? This is why we chose the slick, striking, sharp font style of "Playfair Display" that we hope portrays our Brand Owner (Just kidding).

If you have made it this far, thank you and I hope you love our branding and reusables as much as I love them! and if you're ever interested in Branding of your own, you can check out Blank Slates website here 

Do Chara,

Cathal @Narcissips

Written by Cathal O Reilly

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