Being energy efficient is both good for the environment as well as your pocket.

With that in mind, here's a list of easy ways to reduce your electricity consumption, lower your bills, and do your bit for the planet.

1. Make sure your water cylinder is properly insulated

While we all are probably aware of this, there is no harm in making sure we perfect the basics. Especially in this regard as Heating Water uses more energy than most processes at home and can account for up to 40-50% of our electricity costs.

By investing in a thick lagging jacket, you are almost guaranteed to earn your money back in savings over time. Also, it's best according to industry insiders to only turn on the immersion when you need it, rather than leaving it consistently running.

2. Conserve hot water

Conserving water makes sense and cents! by taking Shorter Showers, you can save €83 per year by cutting your shower time by three minutes each time.

Then, when it comes to making tea each evening, make sure to only boil what you need. As mentioned in the first tip, heating water can be quite costly. With a kettle costing 4c per two minute boil, you can also save up to €73 per year boiling for the cups you need, rather than a full boil each time.

After that, look to the basics, when washing your hands, brushing your teeth, or rinsing the dishes, there is no point in leaving the hot tap running and watching your money literally go down the drain.

3. Use your dishwasher

Believe it or not, your dishwasher is more efficient than you think it is. A variety of sources quote that dishwashers use less than half the hot water the average person would in doing the dishes.

4. You don't need all that heat

A washing machine can cost 27-48c per hour depending on the heat you choose. The higher the heat, the higher the cost.

So when it comes to washing your clothes, choose the eco-mode settings or simply lower the temperature of the machine wash. Up to 70-80% of the energy required is to heat the water, which is why eco-washes last longer as it slows down the heating process.

5. Hit the switch at the Wall!

Your TV or Laptop can still consume up to can 20% of the energy on standby. Your TV can cost you €76 per year if left on standby 21 hours a day. When you're hitting the hay each night, make sure to hit that switch at the wall.

6. Replace those bulbs with LEDs

LED bulbs are 85% more efficient than normal bulbs which can help you save up €286 per year based on swapping 10 bulbs in your home.

7. Bored and opening the fridge 32 times a day? 

As your fridge runs all day, all year around, it uses more energy than you would have thought. For every 30 seconds the fridge door is left open, it takes about 30-45 minutes and a hell of a lot of energy to help it cool back down to its original temperature to maintain that freshness in your fridge.

8. Cover the cracks

I am far too young to be writing about this, but how and ever, make sure you cover the cracks in those doors and ensure any draughts are covered. 

We can lose up to 85% of our heating through poor insulation. Up 30% of this heat is also solely lost through the roofs of our houses.

Therefore, check insulation & block draughts across all areas; windows, doors, roof etc. & grab that extra jumper or blanket this winter.

    9. Be cheeky sure...

    Charge your phone at work, use those showers at the gym and do not quote me or tag me on any other devious energy saving behaviours :)

    10. Review your energy provider and look for smart metres

    Using, you can compare and contrast energy providers which can help you save several hundred euro each year. You should also look to install smart metres which can help you use your appliances more throughout the night, or at lower consumption & less expensive oriented times. This can prove quite beneficial especially is Ireland is consistently linked to being one of the more expensive countries in Europe for electricity.

    Bonus - have you ever wondered how much the average appliances costs you every time you use it? Well, here you go! This took quite a bit of research!

    Iron: 21c per minute

    Tumbler Dryer: Up to .85c - €1.45 per hour

    Dishwasher: Up to .27c per hour

    Electric shower: Up to .76c for 10 minutes

    Washing machine: Up to .27c - .48c per cycle

    TV (55inch LED): Up to .5c for one hour

    Phone Charger: Up to .1c for 4 hours

    Oven: up to €1.20 per hour

    Hair Dryer: up to .16c for 10-15 minutes

    Laptop: Up to .11 - 13c for 4 hours

    Fridge/Freezer: Up to €169 per year

    Lastly, if you liked or found this helpful, please feel free to share, leave a comment with any of your own tips or drop me an email!

    Thanks a mil,

    Cathal O'Reilly


    Written by Cathal O Reilly

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