Pensions & Climate Change - How to make a real impact!

Cathal O Reilly

Walk more, cycle more, eat less meat...

These are all the typical solutions provided by the majority to reduce our impact on the environment. And yes, this includes me... However, to caveat this, I believe in community, small change and working towards that 1% each day which is what these small habits like walking more are. They are not the silver bullet, but like choosing reusables, they are that 'pat on the back' to say 'I'm trying to do my part'.

When it comes to the bigger picture though, as always - money talks

10 Tips to be Energy efficient at home!

Cathal O Reilly
Being energy efficient is both good for the environment as well as your pocket. With that in mind, here's a list of easy ways to reduce your electricity consumption, lower your bills, and do your bit for the planet. Here are ten quick and easy tips to help you save hundreds of euro in Ireland each year.

Climate change and some key talking points!

Cathal O Reilly
A quick tea-time guide from Narcissips Reusables Ireland to help you understand some of the basic, yet key topics involved in Climate Change from the causes, the impacts and the solutions as well as how Policy can guide us toward a greener world!

Sustainable Trends to watch in 2023

Cathal O Reilly

Mystic Reilly... Our predictions at Team Narcissips Reusables Ireland for 2023 & beyond on the issues we see and on what's required to clean up Sustainability ranging from Greenwashing to just general issues with the industry at the moment that need to be rectified.

All you need to know about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Cathal O Reilly

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 goals adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015, with the aim of achieving a more sustainable future for all. The goals cover a wide range of social and economic issues, including poverty, hunger, health, education, climate change, gender equality, water, sanitation, energy, the environment, and social justice.

In this article by Narcissips Reusables Ireland, we breakdown all goals and they metrics / methods where action is required to achieve each one.

Climate Tipping Points & 'One for the Road' - the point of no-return in Ireland & across the world!

Cathal O Reilly

One of the questions that came in recently via Instagram was on the topic of "Tipping Points", and what in the name of god are they - that is not verbatim, but I am three coffees deep and I will let the brain run! 

For me over the last few years being engrossed in all things sustainability & climate change, from how it impacts migration to disease - I have tried my best to ultimately simplify each idea down to its most basic form (mainly so brain can comprehend the issues).

When it came to 'Tipping Points', my brain oddly went towards drink...