Madden, Danielle

"I'm so glad I decided to purchase a Narcis'sips bottle! Not only does it actually keep my water freezing cold but it makes me so much more conscious of my water intake while helping me do my part for the environment. They also look fab. Thanks Cathal"

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Cleary, Kevina

"For ages I was tempted towards buying a reusable bottle as I seen the negative impacts plastics were having on our environment but every time I seen the price of other brands I shyed away waiting for the next pay day. The Narcis'sips bottles are stunning though and such good quality".

Corboy, Daire

"The bottles are slick, thank you so much. Definitely drinking a lot more water these days and even my car is a lot cleaner as it's no longer covered in plastic bottles haha. Great to see a well- priced steel bottle out there and the donation to clean water charities is such a good idea, fair play lad".

Product Features

Insulated & Clima-cool

At Narcis'sips, we believe that healthy and sustainable option shouldn't cost you!


We want to enable consumers to afford to change their consumption patterns regarding single-use plastics and help solve one small part of the plastic problem.


We provide insulated stainless steel reusable bottles made of high quality grade 18/8 stainless steel which contains zero trace of BPA or PET. 


Our double walled & vacuum sealed bottles allow you to keep your beverages hot for up to 12 hours, and cold for up to 24 hours!

Our bottle capacity ranges from 500ml-1000ml & can be used for all types of drinks.


Our bottleneck is also wide enough to allow ice cubes to fit inside to ensure your beverage stays extra cool from ice cool water to iced coffees!

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