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Sustainably Focused,


Sustainably Priced

Our mission is to make the healthy and sustainable option affordable in Ireland. We hope to help motivate the people of ireland take their first steps on their sustainable journey by helping them see both the short and long term benefits of choosing Narcissips. By choosing our bottles you are helping yourself in terms of your health and financials whilst inevitably working towards a greener Ireland.

As part of our Strategy we had two core goals and guiding principles; to provide sustainably priced Drinkware to our Customers and limit our Carbon Footprint as a Company.

To develop our sleek, styled and sophisticated range of Drinkware we followed the Japanese Lean Manufacturing Principles of "Muda" to minimise all wasteful elements from our procurement processes. In reviewing these processes we noticed how much of an impact the actual  packaging has on our processes & environment especially as it's inevitably discarded upon purchase.


We then opted to use a minimalist design for our packaging unlike the usual chic and complex packaging that most companies use to "woo" customers. This lined with "Just in Time" invenetory practices helped us reach both of our goals.

By reducing our packaging and shipping costs we are now able to price our range dramatically lower than our competitor brands benefiting our Customers and also allowing us to reduce our Carbon Footprint for a greener Ireland. 

Viva la revolución!

Thank you,