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Frequently asked questions

Why Narcis'sips?

  • Plastic bottles only serve the large corporations by providing a cheap solution to bottle there products. They are bad for the environment, they do not keep liquids cool (or warm) for long, they are unhealthy to reuse due to the toxins that can be released from the plastic upon contact with heat and they attract bacteria. Plastic bottles are also a waste of your hard earned cash being discarded after each single use. Narcis'sips bottles offer a stylish and sustainable solution to all these issues as well as promoting the psychological motivation after your purchase making you drink more water and stay hydrated throughout the day!

What materials are Narcis'sips made of?

  • Narcis'sips bottles are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel with vacuum sealed insulated walls to keep your drinks cooler, or warmer for longer. 

How do I clean my bottle?

  • Your Narcis'sips bottle will take care of you for a long time, if you take care of it. Regularly rinse and wash your bottle and its cap, especially before your first use. We recommend to wash your bottle every 2 or 3 days after use. This ensures that your bottle remains clean.

  • Narcis'sips bottles are not suitable for dishwashers due to the vacuum styled walls for temperature management of your liquids while on the go.

  • We also recommend using a bit of bicarbonate soda or washing soap when washing the bottle every so often. 

How big are the 500ml bottles?

  • 26 cm x 7cm

  • 0.33 kg.

Are the Narcis'sips leak-proof?

  • Yes they are, but remember to put the lid on tightly.

How long does my Narcis'sips keep liquids warm and cold?

  • Up to 24 hours cold

  • Up to 12 hours warm.

Tip: if you require your drinks kept colder for longer you can also fit ice cubes into the bottle with your water :)​

Do Narcis'sips rust and are they durable?

  • Narcis'sips don't rust as they are built from durable stainless steel.

Where are Narcis'sips manufactured and are they EU certified?

  • Narcis'sips are manufactured in China and they are CE / EU certified. For the future we are looking for possibilities to manufacture our bottles within the EU. For the moment it has not been financially possible for us to do that within the EU.


Can I heat up my Narcis'sips bottle?

  • Our bottles should not be heated as the stainless steel can become very hot to touch on the outside. Warm drinks such as coffee and tea are suitable, but liquids should be warmed before putting them in the Narcis'sips bottles as we don't want your pretty hands getting burned.

Can I put alcoholic beverages in my Narcis'sips bottles?

  • Happy news for many, because you absolutely can! Just remember to wash your Narcis'sips bottle to avoid nasty smells and taste.

Can I get through Airports with my Narcis'sips Airports?

  • You absolutely can, we have travelled across Europe with our bottles and loved having access to freezing cool water in flight!


Can I order personalised bottles?

  • Yes, if you want to order personalised bottles for example your company , society or club please email us at Narcissips@gmail.com or contact us on Instagram @narcissips and we will make it happen! 😊Minimum order quantity may apply.

How much does shipping cost?

  • Shipping ranges from €6.40 for Ireland using Standard Rates via Án Post


How long do I have to wait to receive my bottle after purchase?

  • Depending on where you live, usually 3-5 days. I aim to ship our orders as quick as possible.

If you have any other questions, please email us at narcissips@gmail.com or catch us on Instagram @narcissips and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have!